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Services for our Community

Learn more about the various initiatives, services and other support the Council provides for the West Bletchley community...

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Serving & supporting our community

West Bletchley Council currently undertakes the following activities on behalf of local residents:

  • Representation on local issues
  • Commenting on all proposed planning applications received by Milton Keynes Council, relating to land and/or buildings within the parish
  • Provision and management of allotment plots
  • Provision and management of local events
  • Provision of school holiday activities for young people
  • Management and support for the local community resource centre
  • Maintenance of parks and open spaces
  • Free swimming- for qualifying age groups – at Bletchley Leisure Centre
  • Local Community Safety Initiatives
  • Grant funding support for local groups and charities.


West Bletchley Council own and manage 92 allotment plots,across four sites:

  • Chepstow Allotments
  • Selbourne Allotments
  • Tattenhoe Allotments
  • Yorkshire Close Allotments
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Melrose Avenue Resource Centre
(The MARC)

The MARC (Melrose Avenue Resource Centre) and Frank Moran Centre is at Melrose Avenue, Bletchley, MK3 6PA

Tel No: 01908 370348

Landscape Maintenance

West Bletchley Council have taken on the responsibility from Milton Keynes Council for landscaping in West Bletchley. This includes grass cutting, maintenance of shrub beds, hedges, woodlands and sports pitches.

We are determined to give you a high quality standard of landscape maintenance and will be looking to continuously improve West Bletchley.

Litter & Dog Bins

The Council has installed a large number of dog waste bins across the parish and provides free bags for picking up dog waste.


Through its Grant Scheme, the Council is able to support local groups and organisations in completing activities, whether they are one-off events or ongoing.  Grant applications received are considered by members of the Community Committee each time the committee meets (usually bi-monthly). The Council has a policy for awarding grants and any additional details of the grant scheme are available by contacting the Council.

Grant applications are invited for amounts between £250 and £5,000, although requests for sums outside this band will still be considered.
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