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Environment Committee Meetings

Meetings of the Environment Committee usually take place on Mondays. The committee members consider environment and planning matters relating to West Bletchley.

Environment Committee | West Bletchley Council

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Environment Committee
Meetings Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Chair
Councillor Paul Harvey
Vice Chair
Councillor Elaine Wales

The other Committee members are:

• Councillor Abisoye Ajoge
• Councillor George Barratt
• Councillor Shery Delfani
• Councillor Christian Durugo
• Councillor Jim Kearon
• Councillor Iain Layden
• Councillor Gladstone McKenzie
• Councillor John McLaughlin
• Councillor Peter Skingley
• Councillor Thavapalan Vamathevan

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Please see below for Committee overviews, Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
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