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Parks In West Bletchley

Rickley Park             Chepstow Park         Flowers Park
Shenley Road           Chepstow Drive        Flowers Walk
Bletchley                   Bletchley                   Bletchley
MK3 6HF                   MK3 5NJ                    MK3 6GT

Tel No: 01908 648257

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Rickley Park West Bletchley

West Bletchley Council took ownership of Rickley Park, from Milton Keynes Council.  This means West Bletchley Council is responsible for the maintenance and management of the park, on behalf of local residents. The Council has made improvements to the park including a fitness hub, trim trail, tree and bulb planting, installed new benches and litter bins and upgraded the footpath around the park.  West Bletchley Council is committed to ensuring that the park remains available for use by local residents and that facilities and activities within the park are developed in such a way that encourages positive use of the space.

West Bletchley Carnival

Rickley Park is owned by WBC and is the home and host of the West Bletchley Carnival.
about the carnival

Chepstow Park

West Bletchley Council took ownership of Chepstow Park in October 2020. We have taken a series of actions to improve the facilities including carrying out tree works, installing new football goals along with commencing a a programme of refurbishment to the four play areas within the park.

Flowers Park

We are pleased to announce that the new play area at Flowers Park officially opened at the end of June 2021.

The site has a range of play equipment suitable for children up to 8 years old. There has also been fitness equipment installed in the park.