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West Bletchley
Landscape Maintenance

West Bletchley Council have taken on the responsibility from Milton Keynes Council for landscaping in West Bletchley

Landscape Maintenance | West Bletchley Council

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Landscaping in your Parish

This includes grass cutting, maintenance of shrub beds, hedges, woodlands and sports pitches. We are determined to give you a high quality standard of landscape maintenance and will be looking to continuously improve West Bletchley with the help and support of you, the residents.

Any questions? For further information you can contact us directly: 01908 648257 or email:

Where do we carry out the work?

  • Rickley Lane / Shenley Road

  • Church Green Area

  • Whalley Drive Area

  • Bletchley Park Area / Sherwood Drive

  • Melrose Area

  • All Whaddon Way

  • Scots Estate

  • Counties Estate

  • Rivers

  • Tattenhoe Lane

  • Hunstanton Area

  • Windmill Hill Drive

  • Castles

  • Racecourses

  • Saints

  • Poets

Grass cutting schedule

We operate a schedule which will take up to 3 weeks from start to finish depending on weather, grass growth etc:

Fortnightly on a Thursday.

Chepstow Park, Rickley Park, Whiteley Cresent Park, Church Green Road Park.

The Leys Park,  Barleyhurst Park, Eight Bells Park, Sherwood Park.

Please note all grass cutting schedules have to be flexible due to possible unforeseen circumstances i.e. heavy rain.

Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is carried out by Milton Keynes Council. You can find out more information here.


MKC Environmental Services:  
01908 252570

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the grass be cut?
Can grass cuttings be removed?
Why are certain areas of verge grass and open space not cut while other areas are?
Why are you cutting the grass when it’s wet?
Why do you let the grass grow to different lengths in some areas?
Spraying/weed control
I know the shrubs will grow again but what about my security/privacy?
Can you cut the shrubs back near my house as they collect dust and I believe they're contributing to my asthma?
When are hedges cut back?
Do West Bletchley Council undertake tree maintenance?