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Community Committee Meetings

Meetings of the Community Committee take place on Mondays. At these meetings, committee members discuss the development and implementation of the council’s policies regarding community issues, in particular relating to health, education, community safety, leisure and community support and engagement.

Community Committee | West Bletchley Council

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Community Committee Meetings Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Chair
Councillor Felicity Cockbaine
Vice Chair
Councillor Sheryl Delfani

The other Committee members are:

• Councillor Waqas Ahmad
• Councillor Ray Brady
• Councillor Ian Layden
• Councillor Sue Long
• Councillor Paul Moore
• Councillor Ken Rowe
• Councillor Naomi Sinclair
• Councillor Tina Walsh

Please see below for Committee overviews, Agendas, Reports and Minutes.
Please also find links to view the following:
West Bletchley Council's Committees Terms of Reference
West Bletchley Council's Meeting & Committee schedule

Community Committee AGENDAS

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Community Committee MINUTES

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