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West Bletchley
Carnival 2023

Date: TBC

If you are interested in for a place in the parade, stall holder or tenders, please enquire for an application form by emailing,

or call 01908 370 348

Carnival | West Bletchley Council

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West Bletchley Carnival

Our Carnival is, first and foremost, hosted by and delivered for the residents of West Bletchley.

The objective of the event will always be to benefit and support the MK3 community. Local schools, Churches, community groups, charities and businesses - the social infrastructure of West Bletchley - will be celebrated, showcased and supported to take part and to come together as a community for one afternoon when Whaddon Way is closed for our parade and you and your neighbours can step out of your home to watch and cheer on your fellow residents.

We are always impressed with the commitment and dedication from residents who take part, whether that's simply attending and joining in, parading to performing.  We continue to appreciate those living in close vicinity to the Park in accommodating this well-established event, year on year.

Book your place in the Parade

Book your FREE place in the Carnival 2022 Parade below.
Deadline date for application forms are highlighted below.
Booking Form
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Book your Stall or Pitch

Book your STALL or PITCH NOW. Deadline date for application forms are highlighted below.
Pitch Booking Form
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Fairground, Food & Refreshments,

If you wish to tender for the Fairground, Food & Refreshments or Ice-cream at this years event, please send an enquiry to the following email: or email 01908 370 348

Deadline for applications are highlighted below.
Fairground Rides
Food Van *Must include vegetarian/vegan option*
Ice Cream