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West Bletchley Biodiversity & Habitat Survey

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West Bletchley Council commissioned this study to gain a better understanding of the range of habitats in the parish. It aims to show how improvements to the natural environment can be made, to enhance the scope, size and connectivity of habitats to support more species and therefore enhance biodiversity.

There has been a significant loss in diversity of life on earth over the last 100 years. We need to slow this process and potentially reverse it by understanding the natural environment and learning how to live alongside it. By understanding and enhancing the habitats in our local area, we can contribute to a larger effort to strengthen the natural environment and help offset the loss of biodiversity. Biodiversity is the variety of all life on earth, it includes all species of animals and plants. Biodiversity is important for its own sake, and human survival depends upon it.

Due to the size of the overall document we have had to separate the documents into different parts.

Introduction. Pages 1-11

Parish maps and summary information. Pages 12-23

Sutherland Grove. Pages 24-25

Cheney's Walk. Pages 26-27

Barleyhurst. Pages 28-29

Kennet. Pages 30-31

Central Bletchley. Pages 32-33

Bletchley Park & Station. Pages 34-35

Calder Vale. Pages 36-37

Otters. Pages 38-39

Sunningdale. Pages 40-41

Windmill Hill. Pages 42-43

Warwick Place. Pages 44-45

Old Bletchley. Pages 46-47

Racecourses. Pages 48-49

Saints. Pages 50-51

Poets. Pages 52-53

Brickworks. Pages 54-55

Watling Street. Pages 56-57

Conclusion. Pages 58-76

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