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Review of West Bletchley Neighbourhood Plan

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Review of the West Bletchley Neighbourhood Plan

West Bletchley Council has agreed to review and re-adopt the West Bletchley Neighbourhood Plan.

The current plan adopted in 2019 covers the period 2016 to 2026. The Plan includes a series of policies and proposals to protect and enhance the character of and provision of homes, jobs and other services in the parish. It does this through a number of land-use policies which address specific sites and set out general planning principles and criteria to guide new development in the parish.

The West Bletchley Neighbourhood Plan is considered to have played a significant role in helping to shape and guide development within the parish and a review of the Plan, to cover the period 2026 onwards, has been agreed as a priority action for the Council.

In agreeing to proceed with a review of the Plan the Council has confirmed that this will be undertaken on a similar basis to the preparation of the current Plan with a Neighbourhood Planning Steering/Review Committee appointed to report to the Council via its Environment Committee.

Check the Council’s website at for further updates.

January 2024

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