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Don't Dice With Ice

The parks look beautiful with a dusting of snow or frost but it is vital to stay vigilant around cold or frozen water during the Winter months.

- Keep away from the water’s edge and under no circumstances go onto the ice or enter the water.

- Be extra watchful with young children close to the water’s edge.

- If you see someone in trouble in the water or on the ice, call 999 straight away. Never attempt to go out on to the ice yourself.

- Be cautious after heavy rainfall and don’t enter areas that are flooded.

- Keep your dog under control near frozen water and do not EVER follow it onto the ice. Do not attempt to rescue any pets yourself - call the emergency services for help.

- If you see a wild animal you believe to be in distress on the ice report it to the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

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