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Block E, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive

Block E, Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive

Planning Description

Change of use of Diesel House from mower shed to Museum as entrance of new lecture theatre with cloakroom, flexible events space and and reception and change of use from offices to Museum of Block E North & East wings for use as Learning Centre, including single storey building east of the North wing to become the reception. Demolition of the West wing of Block E to build a new double storey lecture theatre. Demolition of the paper store adjacent to the North wing's covered walkway. Erection of a new single storey link connecting the GF of Block E to the new lecture theatre and to the entrance in the Diesel House. Erection of a brick arcade connecting Diesel House to the new lecture theatre. Alteration of the landscape including demolition of prefabricated building to provide coach bays and provision of accessible path between the Lecture Theatre and Learning Centre. Replacement of window in Block E with double door, replacement of glazed doors to the east of the north wing and addition of single door and a ramp from to south of west wing to access to the kitchenette.

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