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Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive

Bletchley Park, Sherwood Drive

Planning Description

SycamoreT8, T169, T172, T180 Black Pine T179, Lawson Cypress T184, T165 G9 x 1 LaburnumT185 G8 Whitebeam T14 Hybrid poplar T16 Crab Apple T49, T98, T160 Bird CherryT163 Hawthorn T170 Ornamental Cherry T131 Silver Birch G9 x 3 fell to ground, Sycamore T6 Common Ash Black Pine T167 reduce to 3m/5m habitat monolith, Sycamore T60, Silver Birch T43, Common Ash T117 prune main branches from building, Sycamore T151 remove dead main leader, Norway Maple T126 remove poor limb structure, Pollard Balsam Poplar to 4m Crack Willow T64 to 3m,Sycamore/Common Ash G6 Crown lift overhanging branches Hybrid Poplar T153 sever epicormic to 5m Sycamore T62 remove damaged limb at 10m.

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