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Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet (MKYCAB)

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Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet (MKYCAB) are a group of young people 11-19yrs who support the voices of other young people locally on issues that are relevant to them through our campaigns, social media and events.

Currently we are campaigning on young people’s mental Health. We’ve seen that the pandemic have a negative impact on young people's wellbeing and mental health. We've seen that students are struggling with technological poverty and accessing work. We've seen that job loss has created massive uncertainty for thousands off families. We've seen that certain cohorts of young people from minority or marginalised groups may be more unsure of where they can turn to for support. We've seen that the economy can't afford to take any more hits, so it’s vital that the future adults are able to contribute adequately, without being hindered by poor mental health.

Our campaign action group has compiled a mental health survey for young people aged 11 to 25 who live in Milton Keynes to complete. We are asking for your help to share the online survey with as many young people as you can. The closing date for the Survey is the 15thDecember 2021. There is an incentive for completing the survey, for 3 luck young people these are £15 CMK voucher, £10 CMK voucher and a YCAB goody bag.

Additionally the survey link is now at:

We are hoping to gather as much information as possible, which we will be compiled into a report to be shared with local services, schools and organisations and more in the new year.

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