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West Bletchley Council

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Who We Are? What Do We do?

West Bletchley Council is a parish council, representing the first tier of local government and, as such, is “closer to residents”. 
The Council’s Mission Statement, included in its Business Plan, states:


“West Bletchley Council undertakes to provide democratic representation on behalf of the residents of West Bletchley and to deliver or facilitate delivery of projects and/or services that make a positive difference to the community.”

The Council represents residents who live in the MK3 postcode area. We have 28 local councillors, who are elected by residents to represent them in specific geographical areas of the parish. Details of Councillors and the areas that they represent are included on the Council’s website and also every copy of the Council’s quarterly magazine, Open Door, which is delivered to every household in the parish. 

The Council currently has 10 staff, Headed by the Clerk to the Council, Helen Hupton.

The Council office, 221 Whaddon Way, is open to the public between 0930 – 1600 hours, Monday to Friday each week (closed on bank holidays).

West Bletchley Council currently undertakes the following activities on behalf of local residents:
•    Representation on local issues e.g. objections and/or support for proposed building development within the parish and beyond.
•    Commenting on all proposed planning applications received by Milton Keynes Council, relating to land and/or buildings within the   parish.
•    Provision and management of allotment plots.
•    Provision and management of local events e.g. annual carnival.
•    Provision of school holiday activities for young people.
•    Management and support for the local community resource centre – The Marc.
•    Responsible for the maintenance of parks and open spaces.
•    Support and guidance for both Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council in the maintenance of law and order in the local area, specifically with regard to issues such as anti social behaviour, illegal/irresponsible vehicle parking and/or speeding, irresponsible dog ownership and littering. The Council has installed a large number of dog waste bins across the parish and provides free bags for picking up dog waste.
•    Free swimming- for qualifying age groups – at Bletchley Leisure Centre.
•    Grant funding support for local groups and charities.