West Bletchley Council

West Bletchley Council

The Council

Councillors are elected every four years. The ten wards that West Bletchley Councillors represent are:

  • Castles Ward
  • Church Green Ward
  • Abbeys Ward
  • Fairways Ward
  • Scots Ward
  • Poets Ward
  • Counties Ward
  • Racecourses Ward
  • Rivers Ward
  • Saints Ward
Follow this link for more information about which West Bletchley Councillor represents your ward.  
The rules and procedures governing the conduct of the Council, are listed in our Standing Orders.

This list of Financial Regulations govern the conduct of financial management by the Council.

Councillors at West Bletchley are paid an annual allowance in accordance with levels overseen and approved by Milton Keynes Council. The allowance is not a salary, but is a figure that is calculated to cover expenses which are normally associated with the basic duties of being a local councillor. To view policy, click here.
To view West Bletchley Councils complaints procedures, click here.