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Wilton Hall Appeal



In June last year, a planning application was submitted to MKC to demolish Wilton Hall and replace it with six detached houses. West Bletchley Council opposed the application which was refused permission by MKC in December on the grounds of loss of a community facility and that the proposed development would result in harm to the character and appearance of Bletchley Conservation Area.

The applicant appealed that decision to the Planning Inspector, and the hearing took place on 7th August at the Civic Centre. WBC were represented at the hearing along with other interested parties.

We are pleased to report that the appeal by the applicant was dismissed. The recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan policies played a key part in the decision taken by the Inspector to uphold the refusal of planning permission.

The decision justifies all the time and effort that was put in to developing the Neighbourhood Plan which reflects local people’s views on what development should take place in the parish. 


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